The Alphabet

The Greek alphabet has 24 letters1. Luckily for us, almost all of these have an equivalent sound in English (and quite a few even look like their English versions!). This chart will show you the name of the lowercase/uppercase version of each letter, its name (in English) and an example of how to pronounce it.

Table 5.1 The Alphabet
Lower Upper English name Eng. Letter Pronunciation
α Α Alpha a Father
β Β Beta b Bat
γ Γ Gamma g Go
δ Δ Delta d Do
ε Ε Epsilon e Set
ζ Ζ Zeta z Haze2
η Η Eta ê Obey
θ Θ Theta th Thick
ι Ι Iota i Intrigue
κ Κ Kappa k Kind
λ Λ Lamda l Love
μ Μ Mu m Man
ν Ν Nu n Night
ξ Ξ Xi x Wax
ο Ο Omicron o Not
π Π Pi p Pack
ρ Ρ Rho r Road / Rhode
σ/ς Σ Sigma s Say
τ Τ Tau t Top
υ Υ Upsilon u / y Book
φ Φ Phi ph Phil
χ Χ Chi x Loch Ness3
ψ Ψ Psi ps Caps
ω Ω Omega ô Sold

  1. There were a few more before classical usage, but they dropped out by the time of the New Testament. We'll learn more about these later.
  2. or Adze
  3. With rough accent