About this Site

Welcome! We’re here to help you learn Koine (that is, New Testament) Greek.  While there are many other sites on the web that have the same goal, most of these sites only have lists of books on the subject, a short or incomplete introduction to Greek, or a collection of more advanced essays on the language that go far beyond what beginning students can really use.

The goal of MyGreekStudies, then, is to do all of these things, but to do them well and in a comprehensive manner.  Our goal is to be truly unique on the internet, not only by introducing a free grammar of the highest quality, or by including a vocabulary flashcards program, or even by creating an entire workbook for the site, but by bringing all of these things together with a great community from students  and scholars alike across the globe.

Everything on this site is free; it is supported only by the sale of books in the “Other Resources” section and by the donations of users.  But you are under no obligation or pressure to do — MyGreekStudies exists for the purpose of spreading the knowledge and praise of God by teaching the Greek of the New Testament to those who would so desire, and that is enough; He will provide.