Getting Started

Welcome!  As you can see in the navigation bars on the left and top of this site, there are a few main areas to check out:

  • The “Textbook,” which you are currently reading, brings you through the language in a step-by-step manner.  As you can see in the left-hand navigation column, there are several main categories.  It is best to start at the top and go down from there.
  • The “Workbook,” shown at the top, is a collection of phrases and sentences, most directly from the New Testament but with additional examples from the Septuagint, Church Fathers, etc.  This is where you can really begin to put the textbook material into practice.
  • The “Review” section has two parts: first, it holds the flash-card section to review your vocabulary and paradigms (you’ll learn more about this later in the textbook); and second, a reference section containing all of the vocabulary and paradigms currently used on the site.
  • The “Other Resources” section, which will be constantly updated over time, is an organized collection of various Greek materials and other websites (e.g., other grammers, Greek New Testaments, lexicons, etc.).  These will become quite important as your studies on this site continue.
  • The “Forum” section, coming in the future, will be a place for the community of to come together and ask questions, make suggestions, and generally make learning Greek easier and more fun!
  • Finally, the “Contact Us” page gives you an easy place to get ahold of us in case you have comments, questions, etc.